Fall/Winter Photoshoot

Fall/Winter photoshoot, directed by João Teixeira


 Edmandra Silva; Marisa Santos; Sara Pires; Célia Ferreira; Ana Negrão.



Today, feel the wind!!

Marta Rodrigues photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira

Follow you're intuition!



Back to Santarem! Back to School! Back to routine! 
I will always try to get a break to update the blog but no promises. 
I know the vacation is over, best of all is that the fires also ended. 
Although the fires are catastrophic, give us good scenarios!

Christelle Carvalho  photoshoot, directed by João Teixeira


The Pic...

Hugo Gonçalves and Daniela Araújo photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira

Here is the promised picture!
Another day I'll show other photo ...
This comes in handy with the time it is!



My biggest photoshoot!
Tomorrow I'll post a photo here....

Me, Hugo Gonçalves and Daniela Araújo after the photoshoot


Garden of Eden

Summer is coming to the end!
So it is better to enjoy the last days, than sitting at home waiting the cold.
Use to go for a last visit to the beach or a getaway with friends to the River. This transition from summer to autumn may be the most beautiful possible, the combination of clothes, the first collections of winter, the first cold breeze of a starry night, anything can look like a landscape of the Garden of Eden.

Soraia Gonçalves photo shoot, directed  by João Teixeira



Sara Rodrigues photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira.

Fierce is an adjective connected to fashion, the supermodel, the look ...
But when it comes to music, fierce is a good adjective to characterize Lady Gaga, who last night earned eight of the MTV Video Music Awards.
I will not deny that I like some of her songs, but I can not stand some diva frustrated attitudes, and also his way of calling attention that sometimes require people think that she is even original.
Congratulations to "Bad Romance", good music!



Finally Weekend!
Nine years have passed since the terrorist attack on the twin towers in the heart of USA. Since then this is a date marked on the calendar.
Why is it so difficult to stay in peace?!

Laëtitia Ferreira photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira


Color, Pattern, Trend...

Sometimes fashion it's all about colors, patterns, trends. We have faced a addicted cycle amended by the latest technologies and modern researchs, but always with the bases of past.
The floral pattern that has always been a short-lived as "outmoded" have been on weight this summer, as printed on some clothes and so will continue until the winter just changing the colors.

Marta Rodrigues photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira

This picture reminds me the first photo shoot of America's Next Top Model cycle 11, Mckey!


Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2010

Today, September 9, 2010, the big event of 2009 finally arrives to Portugal, more precisely to Lisbon. Vogue Fashion's Night Out,  the global celebration of style, where the center of Lisbon will witness a happy hour of shopping.
Since the Rua do Castilho, until the Chiado zone, past the Avenida da Liberdade, more than sixty stores will be open and full of surprises and gifts,  between 19h and 24h. 
In addition to the Lisbon, the Fashion's Night Out will also be held in London, San Paul, New York, Madrid, Moscow and other big cities.

Come also to celebrate the style, and release the shopping animal in you!!

Anne-Sophie Barbosa photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira


"America's Next Top Model"

Black pen drawing of João Teixeira, of a Melrose Bickerstaff picture taken by Tyra Banks on ANTM

One of television programs that I most like to see is America's Next Top Model, which already has 15 seasons.
 Despite the series being broadcast in Portugal in sic mulher, is a good series for lovers of fashion photography, or for aspiring model. I think it could be a good program to adapt to Portugal, we have Idolos, Projecto Moda, why not Portugal's Next Top Model instead of the boring program Facemodel Of The Year where we witnessed a great lack of professionalism and where the jury did not know to be concise nor knew what they wanted. 
On America's Next Top Model, or ANTM, we learned what are the concepts of body language, facial expression, look fierce, high fashion, catalog and commercial. 
Of all the seasons of ANTM, my favorite model is undoubtedly Melrose Bickerstaff, the runner up of season 7, who always took great pictures and was fierce on the runway.


Some advices to the next season!

Autumn is getting closer and closer, that which often means a radical change in our wardrobe.

Daniela Araújo photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira
Hugo Gonçalves photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira

The 50s appear in masse this next season, where women are valued for their curves. One of the fundamental pieces in the women's clothing for the fall is undoubtedly the raincoat, which is capable of transforming a woman  in a successful businessmen or just a glamorous city girl.

Already in masculine terms, is nothing better in the leaf fall  that the camel and country style. The color palette can vary between brown and burgundy, passing by beige cloth and of course black.

These are some of my opinions because I'm still not saying that what is in vogue.


The first of many...?

For the first post I will explain the concept of "The Hautist".
"The Hautist" for besides could being a fantastic alter ego, will also be a place where I intend to show some artistic works, some news about art and fashion, and more. 
I'll try to make this blog a kind of fashionlog, a fashion diary  with my points of view, my comments and latest trends.
Carla Araújo photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira.