Sara Rodrigues photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira.

Fierce is an adjective connected to fashion, the supermodel, the look ...
But when it comes to music, fierce is a good adjective to characterize Lady Gaga, who last night earned eight of the MTV Video Music Awards.
I will not deny that I like some of her songs, but I can not stand some diva frustrated attitudes, and also his way of calling attention that sometimes require people think that she is even original.
Congratulations to "Bad Romance", good music!

3 comentários:

  1. are you kidding?
    a dress made of meat?
    this is not fashion or originality!
    I sincerely think is distasteful!
    I think she only thinks of shock, and call the attention, only shows that it is unsafe and needs to speak it, bad or good.

    but is just my opinion...


  2. the model is really wonderful

    young sister <3

    nice photo

  3. LINDA A SARINHA :D mesmo boa a foto B)