Some advices to the next season!

Autumn is getting closer and closer, that which often means a radical change in our wardrobe.

Daniela Araújo photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira
Hugo Gonçalves photo shoot, directed by João Teixeira

The 50s appear in masse this next season, where women are valued for their curves. One of the fundamental pieces in the women's clothing for the fall is undoubtedly the raincoat, which is capable of transforming a woman  in a successful businessmen or just a glamorous city girl.

Already in masculine terms, is nothing better in the leaf fall  that the camel and country style. The color palette can vary between brown and burgundy, passing by beige cloth and of course black.

These are some of my opinions because I'm still not saying that what is in vogue.

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  1. Adorei *.*
    Estás a fazer um ÓptimO trabalho..
    Parabéns :')

    Obs. Sou mesmO eu na FOto? :'O

  2. Obrigado xD
    Es msm tu! hehe
    tens mt potencial acredita...

  3. Parabens Joao, tens muito jeito pa fotografia!
    Continua com o optimo trabalho k tens feito ate agora =)